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Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

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Discover this world-class dive spot and scenic reserve on a day trip.

This world-renowned dive spot is an iconic landmark on our horizon and a must-visit. Just over 20km from Tutukaka Harbour, it’s easily accessible by boat and trips cater to both divers and non-divers. A nature reserve teeming with marine life, highlights include diving, snorkelling, kayaking, dolphin-watching and sightseeing. 

The area is a haven for wildlife and for visitors wanting to enjoy this natural heritage, with the marine reserve stretching 800m around the islands. Boats often spot common and bottlenose dolphins and several species of whale can also be seen in the area, including orca, minke, Bryde’s and pilot whales. Rare sea birds use the islands for breeding and raising their chicks.  

Poor Knights Island Dive Spot
Fish at Poor Knights Island Dive Spot
Diving at Poor Knights Island

The Poor Knights Islands are an ancient volcanic landscape of cliffs, caves, arches and tunnels that stun visitors on deck and below the waves. A favourite of divers for its crystal clear water and array of biodiversity, the area includes cliffs that plunge up to 100m below the surface, surrounded by kelp forests, sponge gardens and their multitude of inhabitants.

For snorkeling and sightseeing trips, Perfect Day departs Tutukaka Harbour daily at 11am.

For dive trips, Dive! Tutukaka departs Tutukaka Harbour daily at 8.30am.

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