The beginnings 1959 to 1976

In a true pioneering fashion Pacific Rendezvous was first established as a motel by Roy D Benjamin, who recognised the potential of this 25 acre peninsular on the then virtually unknown Tutukaka Harbour. This venture started with the backing of John Malcolm (family interests still own unit 20) and Earl Moller (ex unit 12). Towards the end of this period, Dick Sumpter (family interests still own unit 29) became involved, also acting as secretary and accountant for many years.

The original Pacific Rendezvous motel Managers, Roy and Isabel Benjamin, continued successfully in that role. Using shingle from the Ocean Beach and water from a spring near the rocks in from the point, the first units were completed for occupancy on Christmas Eve 1960.

The motel then comprised 8 units, 4 similar buildings which are now units 20-27, and the Manager’s accommodation, shop etc in what is now units 29/30, with a shingle road along the harbour frontage. Water was obtained from rain collection off all the roofs piped back to a tank with pump house alongside 29. The initial units included a carport and contained a small double bedroom and a little curtained off bunkroom. The back carports were later converted to extend what is now the main bedroom, and create a third bedroom.
In 1967, 5 single story one bed/living room studio units (now 9-13) were added as luxury suites. The road was extended in a loop past these new units and down through what is now the paved area alongside the reception area.

In 1969, a new Managers’ home with shop, office etc was built, these are now units 19 & 18, and the original service area (units 29 & 30) were converted into units.  The water supply was then changed to a bore down near the Ocean Beach, pumped to filtration plant and storage tanks with another pump to circulate around the property.
By 1975 Pacific Rendezvous now comprised a 19 unit motel complex.

Development from 1976 to today

In 1976, with Roy D Benjamin wishing to retire, the future of Pacific Rendezvous was altered to a 30 unit title development. It involved:

The construction of the larger loop road on the ocean side;

• Repositioning the chalet units 1,2 & 3, with number 28 being turned to harbour facing;

• Building the laundry, games room, pool area and new Manager’s accommodation , shop etc in the central area

• Adding new units 4–8 and units 14-16.

• Extending and converting the old management block to become units 17-19.

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